“It is not what is on the tree, but who is gathered under the tree that is important”


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Our reason for existing

Under the Mango Tree is a manifestation of our love for good people, good food, and a great cup of tea! For us, this is not just business, it’s personal.

Let me first take you to a typical street-side scene in Northern India. It’s a hot afternoon and the heady smells of samosas and spices waft through the hazy air. You can’t hear yourself think as you’re consumed by the constant beep-beep of the cars and the ‘tuk-tuk’ puttering of the rickshaws. You navigate through the uneven footpaths, dodging the carelessly parked lines of bicycles and Vespa scooters. And yes of course, there is also the omnipresent stray dog and a holy cow sitting oblivious to the chaos around it.

You finally reach your destination. It’s a big mango tree with a few people gathered around the Chai Wala, your typical street vendor of tea and snacks.

His dark leathery face is focused and meticulous in concentration. But as soon as he notices you, he gives you a beaming smile and a gleeful nod. You can tell through his bright piercing eyes that he is delighted to see you, and immediately gets the stove pumping to put your favourite masala chai on.

Ahh! Just with one sip of the chai and a bite of a samosa, you take in all the flavours and spices. You start to experience sensory gating and have successfully escaped the heat, the noise and the chaos around you. For as long as you sip on your tea, you experience a blissful existence.

Welcome to Under the Mango Tree. These are our memories of growing up in India. We are delighted to recreate this experience for you.


The Food

My husband and I share a passion for cooking and learning. If a cup of tea nourishes the spirit, good food nourishes the soul. Cooking for friends and family over the years has been our most pious expression of love. 

My brother and I have been in the food business for over a decade. We have been each other’s best friends for the last three. Under the Mango Tree is a dream come true for us. We now get to combine our friendship with our love and talent for food. We know this special bond will show up in the food.

We unapologetically detest food that is haphazard, hurried and careless. Our food is not a slapdash of spices, nor an attempt at fusion food that misses the mark at either end.

Under the Mango Tree is our chance to bring you home cooking like never before. We want to bring you our mother’s and grandmother’s food that has a deep respect for the spices as well as the cooking techniques perfected over decades. Each dish is carefully curated and has a story.


The Tea

One of the tragedies of being an Indian born Australian isn’t racism or discrimination or even cricket. It is a simple fact that when you go back to India, you can’t get good wine. When you’re back here in Australia, you can’t get good tea. Two of my husband’s favourite things to drink.

Under the Mango Tree has an audacious goal. To bring tea to its rightful place as a decadent fresh produce. No longer should we put up with dust masquerading as tea in teabags, or grass cuttings as healthy green teas.

The tea industry as we know it, is ripe for disruption. It often takes up to 8-12 months for tea to be picked and processed before we get to drink it. It is traditionally controlled by big auction houses and often means that the tea becomes stale and tasteless. 

Under the Mango Tree aims to reduce this timeframe to 4 weeks. We guarantee our teas to be the freshest and most invigorating – like it was always intended to be.

Working with amazing partners in India, we source high quality authentic teas from Darjeeling, Assam and Nilgiri regions. Most of our teas are single estate teas that are an ode to the variety, the region and the terroir that they represent. Whether it be the first flush teas of Darjeeling with their light, bright and floral aromas or the much coveted second flush with its distinctly muscatel flavour, once you experience this bliss, it will be hard to go back to the humble tea bag.


Two decades ago, we all used to meet up in a pub and have a few quiet ones with friends. Over the last ten years, the coffee and café culture has taken a strong hold of our social fabric.

Now, it’s time for tea.